Server Features!

2019 Engine Latest inixsoft

New inventory

New battlefield (never seen before)

New commands for players

Channel system

therefore Ignore system

Training Center System

New main city (never seen before)

New Castlesiege (never seen before)

A lot of monsters have original Skills

Daily and repeatable quests with valuable rewards

We are giving nice rewards for PvP tournaments which will make you excited to participate in! (New map for all tournaments)

International spawns

Real pets (include new pets 2019 with random buff/effects)

(Expert Archer) Focus shot is based on Strength and The more charge you do, The more damage you make.

Instance System

F10 System

Riding system

Additional exp stone

Additional animal exp Stone

Upgradeable Suits (Armor Skins)

Castle war every sunday (auto system)

Castle war winner system (set and gather taxes boss)

Additional rewards at the “Reward Level Manager” in new main city]

Infinity System G0-G5

Bead of Ice System G1-G3